Craving Noodles? Check Out these Four Asian Restaurants

Whether the chopsticks fall off your fingers or you happen to be the fork lover, in an Asian restaurant. You can never go wrong with this selection of Asian restaurants to satisfy your noodle cravings.

The Sushi Soo Japanese Restaurant

Are you Vegan, in love with Korean noodles, and looking for the perfect spot in Nairobi to feast? Well, we found you the spot, Sushi Soo that is located along Oloiktoktok Road Nairobi, serves the best Black Bean Noodle at an extremely favorable price.

Sushi Soo Japanese Restaurant

Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant

We do not know about you noodle lover, but ‘jajangmyeon’ is by far the best serving at Dae Jang Geum. Prepared with Korean noodles, topped with a thick sauce made of diced pork, and vegetables, the dish is chopsticks licking good! Dae Jung Geum is located along Kanjata road and endowed with an inviting amiable environment.

Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant

Yue Hai Chinese Restaurant

Their wide arrayed menu is the buzz bringer! Remember if you love noodles you must learn which to choose, however, at Yue Hai every taste is covered. Trust us when we say, whatever is on their menu is a have-have! Located along Kayahwe Road in Kilimani, Yue Hai is a must-visit.

Yue hai nairobi

Som Tam Thai Restaurant

Located in Bishan  Plaza along Mpaka Road Westlands, Som Tam Restaurant brings to Nairobi the ideal Thai cuisine! One of our best picks was definitely the Som Tam Noodles which we recommend that you try and give us your candid feedback.

Som Tam Thai Restaurant

Here’s a chopstick pro-tip for those that might need it; assume you are holding two pencils in between 3 fingers or better yet just ask for a fork.

Bon appetite!