QueenArrow Becomes First Kenyan Pro Gamer To Be Signed By US Esports Brand

The gaming industry in Kenya and East Africa as a whole recently witnessed history in the making after Sylvia Wahome aka QueenArrow became the first ever pro gamer to nab a sponsorship deal with the internationally respected US-based esports brand, XiT Woundz.

“With our recent acquisition of our lady Malika “QueenArrow” Sahime, we wanted to give a little bit of insight to the wonderful and developing scene of African esports! To start, esports in Africa is prevalent in three areas: South Africa, Ghana, and Morocco. Many from the West and Europe would still consider these fields in development, but in recent years, many online majors and relevant competitions have been held to great exposure in South Africa,” said the company on their official website.

The company also stated that though they signed “QueenArrow” only, gaming in Africa is rapidly growing. They named gamers such as Michael “Mickey” Mahuro, Mawira “DarkTempest” Nyaga, and Nathan “Vega” Amba as some of the talents they encountered on their recent tour in Kenya.

“With XiT Woundz signing Mrs. QueenArrow, we hope that other Western esports entities follow suit and sign players from Kenya and elsewhere! As we all come together, to develop and support each other, our players can grow and help all scenes gain exposure.” said the company 


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