Q&A With John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador Of Tullamore Dew

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We recently sat with John  Quinn the global brand ambassador of Tullamore Dew and talked about the whiskey Irish Brand.

Aside from being a global Brand Ambassador, who is John Quinn?

I am an enthusiastic father who loves to spend time with his grandchildren and when I am not doing that I am spending time with young friends at the football club. I also love playing golf even though am really bad at it.

How has your journey been, being one of the most influential people in Irish Whiskey?

It has been a very safe and long journey as I have worked in different departments  from being a domestic brand manager, I’ve also been in the export development sector . while at it I’ve been able to travel in over 90 countries which is sort of exhausting but fun at the same time as it is my job and I love my job.

How different is it influencing back in the day vs today where social media numbers is all that counts?

I barely wanted to join social media because I felt a little old for that but I had to eventually catch up as there was soo much pressure. It was very difficult at the very start but now am able to manage it. Not so much has changed but as time goes by am catching up.

You won Whiskey Brand Ambassador of the year at whiskey Magazine’s Icons of Whisky Awards in 2016. How do you think that has impacted your career?

Not much has changed, basically, that was an award of appreciation for the work I do and will continue to do.

Have you been in a position where a different brand from whiskey has tried to poach you?

Nop, not at all.

You have been in Kenya before, what brings you back and is there a particular Kenyan ingredient that you love mixing in Tullamore Dew?

I came back because the last time I was here we had planned on a proper return. I did return cause I kept contact with the organizers of my previous visit.

I really like the Tangawizi flavor that is Stoney, but I also enjoy it with Apple juice.

How does the idea behind the #power of #3 tie back to Tullamore Dew and what’s the relevance to lovers of whiskey?

Tullamore Dew is the only whiskey that is triple distilled, triple blended and triple Cask Matured. Always remember that.



In Pictures: TULLAMORE DEW Brand Ambassador Mixer


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