Q and A session with B.o.B

Jameson and B.o.B had a Q and A session with musicians, hip hop fans and the media on Friday afternoon ahead of the Jameson Live Party later today. Here are the highlights of the afternoon:

On his inspiration behind his latest project ‘Water’

The inspiration for ‘Water’ came to me almost overnight. I watched a movie, a Chinese movie, the storyline just provoked me, it sparked something and I went to the studio. I had the acronym We Are The Enemy Really…so that spawned the whole mix tape and I produced it. I was in the studio ten days straight just producing and recording and just put it out.

On the possibility of collaborating with a Kenyan artist:

It’s a huge possibility…Its important that we build the bridges of music and tear down the walls that divide us.

On his style of hip hop:

It’s like there’s a wall, if you’re going to be a conscious artist you can’t talk about partying, you can’t talk about drinking, you can’t talk about nothing fun, you can only stick to the conscious material. But as humans we are all multifaceted beings. We all party, we all like to drink (or whatever recreational activity you like to do) but, at the same time, we are thinkers and creative. We’re artists, we all get dressed even if you’re not an artists just getting dressed is artistry. I’ve constantly been trying to break down that barrier and that divide between being conscious and having fun. I honestly do want to make people think but sometimes I want to make people dance.

On being independent vs. being signed to a major label:

As an artist you need to look at the pros and cons and understand what you need to get from a major label if you want to go that route. I feel some artist don’t need a label, some of them do, but there’s a lot you can do without a major. There’s a lot that you can do through social media. When I got signed social media was considered new media … now social media is everything, the game is so different now.

On what he learns from working with other artists:

You learn something different from everybody, whether it’s Andre’s conversational flow, be it Kendrick’s cadence or whether it’s Lupe’s wordplay or Eminem’ s vernacular. There’s so much you can learn from working with different artists and how they approach the beat. There’s something about rap that is just beyond music; that you can’t explain musically. I don’t think there are terms in music that describe certain flows, and the reason why you like certain verses from these juggernauts. That’s what art is; the beauty of it, the indescribable thing about it …so working with these artists I always bring it with every verse to try and keep raising the bar.

On his fearless moment:

Probably performing don’t let me fall on the BET hip hop awards 2010, and for me I had to overcome a certain fear because I was really doing something different. Coming out with a band playing a guitar at the hip hop awards was something I had never seen growing up. I think the closest thing to it was Hootie and the Blowfish. That was a moment when I had to overcome my own fear and really deliver the music… That was always a memorable milestone.

Jameson Live Party takes place tonight on Jamhuri Day also features Just A Band, Fena, MDQ and King Kaka. Cop your tickets in any Galitos outlets.

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