Pump Up Your Energy With This!

We all start the year with resolutions of how healthy this particular year is going to be. December, we went ham on the nyama and drinks promising ourselves how this is the last time we are overindulging because come January it’s either clean food or nothing. well, it’s now June and all the gunk that we have been putting in is not only showing on the waistline or the close to the nonexistent neck, but you now have an energy slump that won’t just go away. You can barely get yourself out of bed in the morning because it feels like you barely got some sleep and by mid-morning you are hungry and need something to lift you up. Energy drinks just buzz you for an hour or two just for the body to shut down by afternoon.

I don’t think I need to keep going by now, I have more than painted the picture, it’s framed and on the wall. I know we are many and I found just the shortcut to get your body up again, Detox my friend!

our bodies need a break from all the work/abuse we subject them to and I found out that a detox occasionally sets things back in shape. Since most of us are still working through lifestyle change issues I recommend a juice detox every few months.

What this means is replacing your meals for a few days with a nutritious glass of juice to allow your body to remove some of the unwanted toxins that slow it down. Why juice you ask?

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Increased energy 

Be ready for that burst of energy. Juicing provides added nutrient support, which additionally flushes out toxins.

Great skin

You can attribute this benefit to hydration, many of us don’t get in enough fluids. You should be able to notice some glow with a few days.

Weight loss

Your belt will feel less tight thanks to the lower calories and a cleaner gut.

How about you give your body a few days off and see what it can do for you. Remember this is just a quick fix and we should all aim for healthier lifestyle choices. This should get you started on that journey.

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