PUG BASICS: What To Consider When Getting A Pet

Truth be told, I used to think that pets came magically inbuilt with a manual and all you had to do was feed it and voila you are home and dry. Little did I know that to successfully keep an animal alive you needed more than food and a quick tummy rub.

I’m a dog lover, I find them cute and less demanding of my attention, unlike cats. I got my first dog while in campus thanks to a considerate human who thought that his absence could be filled by Tango. Sadly Tango died after a few months. I got home one day to find him vomiting and barely moving. A visit to the vet revealed that he hadn’t received his vaccines and as such had contracted Parvo.

His demise set me on a path of wanting to learn more of how better to take care of an animal. Better knowledge and a few mistakes along the way have made me a better pet owner. Here are a few tips on things to consider before getting a dog as a pet ;

  1. Breed

Carry out thorough research on the type of dog you want before bringing it home. The breed will determine so many things such as the dietary requirements, the space where you can fit your dog, and the general cost of maintenance. For instance, Jack Russell’s make better house dogs, are butter pets for a home with kids unlike south African Boer bells which need more space and are great security dogs.

2. Maintenance costs

Having a dog can be costly as you have to think about their feeding, healthcare, and in some cases their training costs. Certain dogs will need more and specific food items which is a cost you need to consider while budgeting for your furry friend.

3. Time

Truthfully speaking dogs can be a lot of work, ensure you have time. You cannot leave your pet unattended for long so keep that in mind if your schedule isn’t accommodating. If you are a frequent traveler you might need to make arrangements for its care.

All in all though, dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. They give the best and most genuine of hugs and love so go right ahead and get you a pug!

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