Prominent YouTuber David Hoffmann Explores Nairobi Street Food

Prominent Youtuber David Hoffmann was in Nairobi, Kenya recently and was quick to try out the local cuisine along the streets of Nairobi.

The entrepreneur and travel host from South Miami, Florida recently shared his experience in Nairobi via a video uploaded to Youtube on April 11, 2023.

Hoffman decided to venture through Jogoo Road and try a variety of different street snacks such as fried cassava with chilli, simsim (sesame seeds with honey), and chai with njugu.

Later on in the video the YouTuber visit some meat shops at Club Charina in Umoja and got to witness the different vendors preparing their different meats. As a result, he got the chance to taste some nyama choma (grilled meat), kichwa ya mbuzi (goat head), and last but not least soup made from the broth.

Hoffmann was truly a good sport as he did not shy away from tasting and sampling the variety of foods the food joint had to offer and was definitely not disappointed.

Since starting his travel blog Davidsbeenhere in 2008, he has traveled to 96 countries and over 1,300 destinations.

Hoffman enjoys experiencing the different flavors that each destination has to offer, whether it’s casual Street food or gourmet restaurant dining. He is also passionate about learning the local history and culture.

Watch the video below:

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