Professor Hamo Warns Fans About New Tactics Thugs Are Using

Famous comedian and radio presenter Professor Hamo has come out to warn fans about the new tactics Nakuru thugs are using after he escaped the claws by a whisker.

Taking to his Instagram page, Hamo revealed that the traumatic event took place on Saturday at around 11:30 pm when the thugs accosted him.

“On my way out of Nakuru, just after the KFA roundabout, two bikes, I could see them on my mirrors, were behind me. I hear the shouting Simama! Simama! and I am thinking something is wrong with the car, maybe the boot is open. I checked the boot, couldn’t see anything from the mirrors, so I kept going. I thought; I am Hamo so I can stop and ask what it is. I let one of them pass and he stopped right in the middle of the road, in front of me. The other bike was behind me. A passenger came down from one bike and dared me to hit them. There was no traffic, so I swerved and left. They chased me, I was flying, going at 180km/hr,” he revealed.

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Thugs have increasingly joined the boda boda battalion of late and it’s becoming a menace all over the country. Hamo warned his followers of their new trick using similar number plates and urged them not to fall for it.

“Be careful, i have heard there is another trick. If they know your car, they come with a number plate resembling yours and lie that you have dropped it. Don’t stop, just go, even if you will reach Moyale.” he concluded.

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