Producer Mutoria’s Maasai Afro House Mix Debuts On Coke Studio

Kenyan producer, singer-songwriter and guitarist Mutoriah is one of the new young beat makers popping on the Nairobi’s streets.

Creating sounds and using social media to get his tracks out there, he is a star on the rise. Coke Studio noticed him due to all the mega love he received on social media after uploading one of his very special tracks during the viral music challenge #IMadeKenyaChallenge.

Describing his special sound, he says he is all about, “Taking Kenyan traditional music and making something modern.”

Mutoriah’s big break came when he got that call from Coke Studio Africa.
“I now have the opportunity to work with the best musicians and producers on Coke Studio Africa! Ohhhh! This is such a dope space to work!”

So when he stepped into the impressively decked out CSA studio and met resident producer Young DLC’s he knew he was about to step into the next level. The two producers created a quick bond.

They are both 22 years and taught by their fathers, prompting them to start creating and recording music as kids. Young DLC has no doubt that Mutoriah will go far, just by listening to one of his creations.

During the recording of the song, the two combined their dance music concoction featuring a Maasai sample. The song also infused the vocals of one of Mutoriah’s friends Wendy Kemunto.

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