Producer Extraordinaire Musyoka Speaks Decimator Vol II, New Single ‘Bonge’

Late last year, Decimal records dropped their debut album Decimator Volume 1, which was all kinds of lit. It had 15 fire tracks from the likes of Brian Nadra, Konkodi, Khuhanui, Bon’eye, Frasha, Naiboi, Yvonne Darq, Ricco Beatz and P-Unit who put their souls into it.

The label’s CEO and producer extraordinaire Musyoka termed it as a ‘New wave in music’ and it seems the tide is here to stay.

The lead single for Decimator Volume II just dropped this morning. Titled ‘Bonge’ meaning big/lit, the track features vocals from Brian Nadra, Bon’Eye and Konkodi. The bassline and horns on the track slap different, keeping that Kapuka rhythm alive.

We caught up with Eric Musyoka to comment about the jam and the overall vision.

K.V: The beat on Bonge slaps hard, what was the inspiration?

Musyoka: The sound was by accident, I was archiving the old Album Volume and I happened to listen again to track 1. The drums were good so i decided to shift it by two beats. It gave it a different feel. Added the other variants like horns and some sauce to it. We redid the chorus to suit in the new groove. The outcome was exceptional. The jam now has a life of it own and can even be played in the clubs.

K.V: What sound is this on the jam?

Musyoka: Same old Kapuka, Genge, Dancehall which is our authentic Kenyan sound. Nothing different.

K.V: Any new acts on Decimator II?

Musyoka: No. We decided to keep our guys whom we share the vision with. It is easy to move as a unit as we have the same goals. It will be hard to involve someone else who is on a different schedule and hard to reach when needed.

K.V: How many tracks and what is the expected release date?

Musyoka: We hope to have completed the project by February 2020. At the moment 70% of the work is complete. We shall shave 10 solid tracks on the album.

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