Pro Makeup Artist Shares With Us Essential Tool Kit For Beginners

Starting out in makeup can be overwhelming let alone expensive. From figuring out which products you need to understanding which formulas will suit you best, there’s a lot to consider. So if you’re a stressed makeup newbie, you can breathe a sigh of relief because pro Mua Jaybee is sharing everything you’ll need to build your makeup starter kit. And you can get all these products without breaking the bank. From foundation recommendations to lipstick shades, Jaybee’s got you covered.

Primers are the photoshop of the makeup world. You can’t overlook this.

If you’re new to the makeup world, deciding between liquid or powder foundation can be confusing.
Liquid foundations have a thin formula that gives light to full coverage (best for beginners), and powder foundations have a dry formula that gives less coverage. So selecting either will be highly dependent on your skin type for a smoother base.

3. Eye Makeup
Go simple with your eye makeup. As simple as an eyebrow pencil (NOT BLACK). Neutral eyeshadow palette with varying depth so that you can complete a whole look. Buildable mascara that does it all 一 curls, separates, lengthens, and volumizes, and black eye pencil.

Setting Powder
Select a setting powder that will lock in the makeup without any cracking or creasing. Translucent or tinted. Pressed or loose. Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be a makeup-setting formula for you.

Neutral Blush
The key to keeping your makeup kit functional and minimalistic as you start out is to opt for
neutrals that will pair with your look no matter what. A neutral blush is great because no matter what eyeshadow look or lipstick you’re rocking, it will pair well with it.

Lipstick and/or Lipgloss
This is a classic debate that we will never solve. It’s all down to a matter of preference. Choose what you like, and your lips will thank you.