Your Pricey #FHT2017 Ticket Will Be Supporting Two Worthy Charities

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It has become a Kenyan fashion industry staple.

Over the past few years, Zen Gardens has played host to some of the most elegant, daring fashion seen anywhere in the region at its eponymous Fashion High Tea.

It’s one of those events that truly only gets better as those in attendance become increasingly comfortable with the idea of couture and their right to rock it!

What better chance do you have over the course of the year to be a haughty snob and actually get away with it? Celebration of collections and accessories by designers make it a great way to champion the local fashion industry while also taking cues from what’s happening on the international scene.

This year, however, the event will be about more than just a celebration of what is beautiful externally, but internally as well.

Two charitable causes will be in the spotlight:

The Imani Children’s Home (Kayole)
– a home that educates, nurtures and transforms the lives of abandoned and orphaned children.

Find out more about the good being done by the center HERE

SHOFCO – The Shining Hope for Communities – a grassroots movement that catalyzes large -scale transformation in urban slums by providing critical services for all education and leadership development for women and girls

This page will bring you up to date on SHOFCOs latest activities

A raffle, including couples massages and trips to the coast will help fund the two amazing causes.

The action goes down this coming Saturday – and some of the designers to be showcased include:


We’d all heard about him, and then Lupita blew his name stratospheric when she was photographed wearing one of his bag designs.


A Kenyan start-up of international appeal.

The designs are mainly ankara (the African Print Fabric-Kitenge) mixed with lace, chiffon, stretch fabric, linen, khaki material and many other fabrics to bring out the African Culture with a western touch to it.


Luxury, established clothing brand created by Designer Carole Kinoti and operated as La Casa Designers. La Casa Designers started as a made to measure line where clients would have their dresses designed and stitched by us to suit all occasions.


Newly launched fashion label.

“Came about through various pop-ups in Kenya, they have sourced high-end manufacturers of cashmere who produce a wide variety of knitwear for women, men and infants.

Find out more about the 2017 Fashion High Tea, as well as how you can pick up tickets HERE

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