Prezzo Teams Up With Noti Flow Biding For Peace

The past few weeks have been riddled with all sorts of political shenanigans. From the general elections to the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court to repeat campaigns, and back to another election, we have witnessed politicians push the tribal card to the edge. It’s been a difficult time staying level-headed and avoiding being pulled into the tribal bigotry.

That said, its only right artists come out strong and speak out against the hatred being perpetrated by politicians and spread the love. Hence the timely drop of ‘Tupendane’ by Noti Flow and Prezzo, reminds us how music can be a medium to get the masses on a sober line.

The jam ‘Tupendane’, produced by SappyMusic Lab, is a call for patriotism, unity, and love across the country. The pair castigates the hate narrative being pushed by politicians, ‘We want no division and confusion, Kenya is mine and is yours, Nairobi, Kisumu to the Coast’.

The video plays an important role in reassuring us why we are great as a united nation from clips of Rugby 7s, Olympic wins, to political enemies shaking hands. Prezzo in his usual element came out with his expensive taste in cars and jewelry but that did not dilute the message at all.

Overall, the jam ‘Tupendane’ should get some airplay just for those so bent on causing chaos in the name of politics while we know dialogue can take us further in the political discourse.


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