‘Press Play’: 300 Artists Set To Benefit From Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol’s record label, Sol Generation, has unveiled ‘Press Play’ an initiative that will equip over 300 Eastern African musicians with skills to develop their talents and enhance professionalism in the industry.

The initiative features a six-month program, which will be fully funded by UK-based Ignite Culture Fund, and will see the group of selected artists go through a development phase that will include enhancement of crafts in songwriting, brand image, marketing, financial management as well as music distribution strategies.

According to an interview with Business Daily, “The goal is to enhance the technical expertise of the different stakeholders in the creative economy in a bid to intensify the quality of Eastern African music, the creative industry and enable a robust ecosystem,” said Sol Generation CEO William Nanjero.

Despite the region’s vibrant creativity and production boom, the music industry continues to punch below its weight amid a growing middle class that increasingly opens opportunities for an expanded audience base.

“The programme mainly targets female musicians and will culminate in the production of an EP (extended play) for the top four musicians,” explained Nanjero.

This serves a boost for African music considering young aspiring artists are look to be continental and global stars. Brand building will looks to be the future seeing how it offers access to new physical and digital markets.

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