President Ruto’s Perks of Pilgrimage

H.E President William Samoei Ruto was recently sighted on what can only be described as a religious pilgrimage. The Kenyan president visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall, also known as the Western Wall, is located in the iconic city of Jerusalem and is the only standing wall of the Second Temple.

This temple was apparently brought down by the Romans back in 70 AD. During what was later known as the Siege of Jerusalem. Needless to say, the wall is a holy sight for Hebrews and Christians.

Why now?

I wonder what the man with everything prays for? President Ruto has always worn his faith on his sleeve and continues to do so even during these times of chaos and confusion.

If a president goes for a pilgrimage, it could mean many things. Some reasons why President Ruto might have gone for a pilgrimage might include:

  1. Personal spiritual or religious reasons: The president has been clear about his religious faith and may be on a personal spiritual journey.
  2. Diplomatic or political reasons: President Ruto might also be travelling to the Wailing wall for a diplomatic mission to strengthen relationships between civil societies and our nations.
  3. Symbolic reasons: Ruto might have made the pilgrimage to demonstrate his commitment to certain values and show solidarity with a particular cause.

Kenyans React

All eyes are on Ruto. As our president, we look to him for guidance and representation. But this doesn’t exempt him from scrutiny from his subjects.

What do you think was the main reason for H.E President William Ruto’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem?


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