President Ruto Comends Eddie Butita & Njugush Entrepreneurial Skills, Promises To Review Digital Tax Proposal

In a dazzling display of wit and charm, President Ruto took center stage at the Statehouse in Nairobi on June 2, 2023. The occasion? The grand celebration of the winners of the 2023 annual Drama Festivals organized by the Ministry of Education. As tradition dictates, the President of the Republic of Kenya (PORK) graced the Kenya National Drama Festival State concert, an event that epitomizes the very best of the National Drama Festival, celebrating the achievements of its participants and championing the arts in Kenya.

With a glint in his eye, President Ruto addressed the fervor surrounding the proposed 15 percent digital tax, acknowledging the tremendous impact of the digital realm on the country’s enterprising youth. He delved headfirst into the controversial conversation, one that has been sweeping through the creative domain of late. The proposed Finance Bill 2023 aims to increase the tax on digital content from a modest 5 percent to a staggering 15 percent, a notion that has sparked a chorus of disapproval from notable creatives, including Eric Omondi and Nviiri the Storyteller.

President Ruto offered a glimmer of hope to those fretting over the potential tax hike. He promised to task the Finance and ICT ministries with revisiting the proposal, striving to develop a more favorable tax mechanism. His words rang through the crowd, “I know that there is a proposal in this year’s budget on digital content, and creators are making a statement. I have told the ICT and Finance committee to work on it. Let’s give them a bit more space, let us allow them kidogo wajipange lakini baadae si sisi wote tutalipa ushuru.” He emphasized that all those capable of paying taxes must indeed do so.

In a delightful twist, President Ruto commended the content creators present at the ceremony, hailing them as trailblazers and trendsetters for the country’s youth. Amidst infectious laughter from the crowd, he playfully exclaimed, “Those two young men that you see there, they are making more money than my salary, musiwaone hivi ati wamevaa sijui T-shirt namna gani; those guys are serious entrepreneurs.”

The two men who caught the President’s attention were none other than Eddie Butita and Njugush, both invited by their fellow comedian and dear friend, Chipukeezy (Vincent Mwasia Mutua). Eddie Butita, the proud owner of the renowned media outlet SPM Buzz, and esteemed scriptwriter of the beloved YouTube series “A Nurse Toto,” was recognized at the Citizen Digital Awards 2022 for his unparalleled dominance in the 2022 entertainment scene. Meanwhile, Njugush, celebrated for his uproarious skits, recently achieved a milestone by selling out the iconic KICC with his sensational “TTNT 4” show.