Presenter Mwalimu Rachael Speaks On Avoiding Pit Falls That Most Entertainers Fall Into 

Unlike most entertainers who cruise around in expensive fuel guzzlers, radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael is still stuck with a modest Toyota that she bought several years ago despite a flourishing career.

The NRG Radio presenter recently explained why she drives a Toyota RunX which goes for about Ksh 500,000 while her peers are parking cars worth millions and eating life with a big spoon on social media.

“Why I still drive my modest Toyota RunX,” She said on social media after posting several photos of a flat she’s currently constructing.

“Mjengo umeanza and soon by God’s grace, nitafika where the others are. I support my parents in shagz. I support my youngest brother in campus. I help in running my own home. I am an entrepreneur. I am also building residential  units. The money I work hard for is to invest in assets. Not buy liabilities at the moment.”

Mwalimu Rachael is married to K-Letta, an artist, and they have a son together. She started her career at Homeboyz Radio after interning at Ghetto Radio. She then worked at HBR for ten years before being poached by the still-new-in-the-market NRG Radio early this year.

Mwalimu hopes she’ll stay focused and wouldn’t be attacked by the crippling middle-class bug that mostly strafe entertainers leaving them in debt, and begging for help way later in their careers after squandering all their cash.

“I pray that you ignore the outside voices that tell you to look at how far others are and you are just beginning. I pray you keep your head down and concentrate on your path and stay true. I pray that you appreciate what you have in your life as you work towards more. Nothing wrong with wanting more, but everything has it’s time. Kua patient but stay hungry,” shared Mwalimu Rachael.


“For those in the media industry, you get pressured almost daily when you grow to certain levels. So and so has a house and I’m still renting. Others have bought big machines, and I am still driving my modest Toyota RunX. Please understand, there is NOTHING WRONG with people being more successful than you, people owning more than you, having more money than you. Accept that they have what they have and they probably worked very hard to get there. What is wrong however is focusing on them, hating on them behind their backs and feeling sorry for yourself. Your energy needs to be on building you, even as you look up every once in a while to see what others are up to. To encourage you/challenge you.” 

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