Presenter Jeremy Wahome: ‘Radio For Me Is No.1, I Always Do It From The Heart’

Soundcity Radio presenter Jeremy Wahome loves radio even though he’s a jack of all trades.

The presenter started out as an actor but gravitated to radio as a presenter. Yet, he still maintains photography and video is his main hustle.

“Radio is my first love but since I started out in film, photography and video is what I do mainly,” said Wahome.

“Even when in film, my focus was always on radio. I enjoyed acting but I wanted to use the opportunity to join radio. So when I got an opportunity to work with Soundcity I didn’t even think twice. Bro I was even ready to work for free.”

Wahome, who is the Jameson brand Ambassador in Kenya, studied media and communications at The University of Leeds in the UK and Africa Film Drama Art (AFDA) college in Cape Town.

He started by acting and shooting Royal Media Services programs before he was approached by Soundcity Radio Kenya to host the afternoon show The Takeover on weekdays and Weekend Central on Saturdays.

Presenting has been a journey for him that he never really expected.

“You know even before joining radio, I had a few friends who are presenters but I think I underestimated how much work and discipline it takes to be on air,” he said.

“Because I never saw them complaining or frustrated about it. My early days it used to kill me because initially I just thought you get behind the mic and talk. Yes, I knew the speaking had a laid out plan to it but to be honest, it needs a lot of prep or else you’ll run dry after speaking just 10 seconds.”

Wahome is a lover of golf and has even won a few tournaments in Kenya.

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