Practical Guide To Financial Freedom

Most of us if not all want to attain financial freedom. That’s why we all wake up and grind, that’s why we are always trying to figure out new ways to make some money. Let’s face it though, it can at times get discouraging and frustrating when you seem to be working so hard but not getting where you so badly want to be.

That’s why so many of us young folk are getting caught up in illegal hustles that are good in the short term but with guaranteed doom at the end of it all. Would you believe me if I told you that you need not get into wash wash? I promise what am about to suggest has worked for me and will work for you.

But I must warn you though, you have to put away that fallacy of getting rich quick. Real and lasting wealth takes time to build. Enough rambling, let’s get to it. Below are practical steps to financial freedom;

  1. Plan your money

“ If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”  Benjamin Franklin. This applies to money at hand or money that’s to come. Set financial goals and plan for them to the coin. Master the art of planning and save yourself from the trap of excess spending or that of greed to make more just to spend. Money is your servant not your master so let it serve you. You decide what it does for you!

2. Grow your sources of income

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us is things can change pretty fast. Jobs were lost and businesses closed down. This is why it’s important to have alternative sources of income. Identify your unutilized skills and monetize them. For instance, you can pick your hobby and strategize on how that can make you money within the extra hours of your day if you are employed.

3. Save and invest

All of us can invest and save no matter how much or how little you think you earn. Through budgeting and practicing financial discipline we can all save and invest. Establish a percentage of your income and allocate it to these two and watch yourself smile in both the short term and long term.

While there are so many other ways you can grow, this is a great starting point. I hope this article triggers some thoughts around this topic and gets you moving towards financial freedom. Go ye and prosper!

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