Popular Tik Toker Receives Job Offer From Sonko Following Viral Video

Kenyan Tik toker and content creator Kare Maina has received a job offer from former governor Mike Sonko following a video she shared following the tragic death of Jeff Mwathi.

Maina shared a video detailing the information that has been shared online while also dissecting the timelines as well as statements issued as she maintains that, “the math is not mathing.”

Since its upload the video has gathered more than 1.3 million views, 85.2 thousand likes, over 3800 comments while also receiving over 3500 shares.

Sonko praised the TikToker’s detailed analysis and her investigative skills as he offered her a job at his private investigations firm 

“This lady ni mnoma sana kwa investigations nitamchukua kwa my private investigation firm,” Sonko stated.

Netizens in response also lauded the Tik Toker for the detailed work she put into the video and how she was able to identify gaps in the story.

According to reports, on February 22, Jeff Mwathi, 23, jumped from the 10th floor of Kikuyu entertainer DJ Faxto’s home to the hard concrete downstairs – a case of death by suicide.

The preliminary investigative report indicates that the late Mwathi, together with the DJ and another man retired to the ill-fated house at around 3am accompanied by three women.

Mwathi’s family members still believe there could have been foul play and have called upon law enforcement to conduct thorough investigations to help eliminate any doubts.

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