Popular Emirati YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri and Family Enjoying Kenya

Popular Emirati YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri, his wife Salma who combined have over 2 million followers, and their two sons are in Kenya for a vacation.

Jetting in last week at their first location Mombasa, Ameri’s IG Stories have been captivating as we keep up with their travels. Not only have they been ticking off the must-see destinations in the county but they also made time to visit another local content creator family at the coast.

Khalid quit his banking job almost a decade ago and started creating fun relatable videos about life in the UAE as well as other subjects. His wife Salma stood by him all through the way and encouraged him to keep at it. Their two adorable sons are also a regular feature in their videos.

Those who follow the family religiously know they also had a Ugandan nanny whose story they shared when she was leaving for her home country, they later visited Uganda for her wedding.

It’s great to see them back in Africa, especially Kenya.

After the coast, the family continued to have a good time in Nairobi where they have visited spots like Carnivore and ViewPoint before heading to the Mara.

Follow their adventures HERE.

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