Pop Cultured Minds

Put your pudgy little mind in the giant slingshot of manifested understanding. Aim the slingshot towards the Earth and stretch the rubber band until it’s taut with kinetic tension. On that brittle brink, just wait for those extended moments and do what we hardly do. Think. Look around you. The anger at inability and helplessness that plagues us. The wasted time pining for lost loves. Existentialist philosophies played on repeat in pop cultured minds. The hardships of daily physical existence turning us towards seeking out the metaphysical to explain the inexplicable. Look around you. Then let go of the rubber band. Let it snap and splatter your full mind onto the ground. Shatter the Earth with your thoughts. Change the world with the power of your mind. Otherwise the human mind remains an intricate and complicated creature, marinating in the waste of perverse thought, just waiting to inevitably shut down. Switch off. Go away. We’re only here for a while anyway then we leave, unnoticed by the time breaking mountains and oceans.


Seven billion people crammed together on this planet, each with innate psychological issues of their own accounts for a lot of intellectual pollution. I wonder what mountains of madness the collective cloud of crazed consciousness settles upon.


Living in a world where morality is measured by mortality. The more afraid of death you are, the worse things you’ll do to survive. Primarily, what we do is scratch ourselves into the existence of others, we impose our personalities upon the slate of this constant world. Apathetic populations eat, drink and fuck their way through wasted lives, mentally masturbating through meetings, lying through love, making things bearable with powerful hallucinogens, violently taking what belongs to others, worshipping old gods, sacrificing our freedom, our individuality. We believe in good but we live in evil. We have faith but it’s blind. We need something bigger. We need something that infuses hope. Just like the moon is a magnet for mystery and the sun is an explosion of creativity, we need great symbols of progressive power.

That is all. These are my thoughts. Go get your own. Then do something with them.

Shamit is Kenyan born and bred and happens to be just a guy who likes to write and he’ll somehow change the world someday. Follow him o twitter @just_sham_it or continue to read some of his work HERE

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