Pinky Ghelani Speaks On Hosting Mental Health Forum ‘‘What Women Want’’

Former Capital FM host Pinky Ghelani might not be in media circles as much but is still pushing agendas through different circles.

The former Miss India Kenya 2000 had a one-on-one interview with myNetwork where she spoke about her career, joining politics, social media in general and hosting mental health every week.

Ghelani started the mental health show dubbed
‘‘What Women Want’’ several months ago to help Kenyans fight depression and other mental-related illness.

“My weekly forum is called ‘‘What Women Want’’. We focus on a wide range of topics such as relationships, finances, life skills, maternal health, public speaking and mental health. My aim is to empower and educate both men and women. We are so used to watching such discussions on TV that we sometimes forget the power of face to face interactions, and networking. We usually hold the discussions in informal settings so that attendees can meet new people and to learn from one another. It is also free,” she said.

A few people have been asking her to join politics, something we have seen with many public figures once they get older in the entertainment business.

For Ghelani, she’ll never head that way but is still willing to help from a distance.

“I have been asked to try my hand at politics. But that arena is just not for me. However, I am determined to continue changing the way we conduct ourselves politically, but from the side lines,” she said.

Regarding her most memorable career experience, she had to take us back to 2000.

“Winning Miss India Kenya in 2000. That was a remarkable milestone for me. Working at Capital FM was also humbling,” she said.

“I met and interacted with thousands of fans and listeners. It was unbelievable. I have also worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), creating awareness on the sticky issues surrounding the current influx of refugees in Africa. I am currently active in raising awareness on mental health issues in the country. I have been invited to speak to different audiences while doing mentorship. I have been privileged to meet my role models, which is no mean feat.”

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