Pierra Makena Writes Letter To The President After Her Event Was Canceled

DJ Pierra Makena has expressed her frustration following the banning of public gatherings by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru on Friday banned public gatherings and extended curfew by another 60 days in an effort to curb Covid-19. In the process, Makena’s high-flying event “Park and Chill” that was set to take place on Saturday was canceled.

The frustrated DJ took to social media to pen a long message to the president saying that the new measurements will wipe off the Kenyan entertainment scene.

“It’s a sad day for me as an entertainer in this country,” said Makena in a public letter to the president.

“This covid is taking a toll on us. We were denied anything that could make us earn a genuine living… but we didn’t give up coz we believe its for our good. We have now learnt new way to fit in the new normal! As creatives, we have come up with ideas… Park and chill is an okay event Mr President. We keep social distancing whilst in our cars… just like restaurants we close at.8:15pm we have observed all the covid guidelines given to us.”


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A majority of entertainers insist even though they are obeying the containment measures, they are still getting mistreated by the government unlike politicians.

Politicians have been allowed to hold rallies attracting thousands without facing any arrests but this can’t be said about entertainers.

“Why cancel us?” wondered Makena.

“I know I can never reach you face to face but somehow this might get to you. I deeply believe there is a misinterpretation of your speech. Please help!! 🙏.”


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