Pierra Makena Urges Event Organisers To Be Creative, Stop Copying Her

Ever since she started her well-received Amapiano event “Park & Chill” two years ago, DJ Pierra Makena has always been on her heels fighting and chasing down copycats making a killing off her event.

The 42-year-old, who also doubles as an actress and MC, recently shared that the copy-pasting just reflected poorly on the Kenyan industry and it’s about time event organizers come up with creative ideas that will build the industry.

“Enyewe our industry is messed up!” the DJ said angered by events organizers cannibalizing her work.

“Can’t people just come up with creative ideas instead of copying? Sasa leo nimeona chill and vibe, the day before I saw another one Park and Chew the day before it was Park and Vibe… Is that how limited we really are?”

Park and Chill let revelers show up with their cars and relax while enjoying some great music mixes from her.

Her recent outburst joins a long series of others sent out mostly through social media while urging fellow event organizers to come up with unique events.

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