In Pictures: Khali Day at the Alchemist

Khaligraph Jones held a concert ‘Khali Day’ on Saturday night at the Alchemist. Khaligraph brought together the hottest names in Kenyan Hip Hop. The show that is bound to set a precedence in the 254 Hip Hop Industry. Khali Day was all set up to be a night to be fully immersed in Kenyan Hip Hop, and we were.

The talented trio 254Linda made up of Beryl, Rae and Alexis do renditions of 90’s songs into swahili. Check out their swahili versions of 90’s favorites like ”Baby’‘ by Brandy ”Sweetest Taboo” by Sade. Their sweet voices carried through the entire venue. Jivu made up of Chege Anderson & Uncle K came up next and wowed the audience with their music including ”Form Ni Gani’‘.



It’s always a treat when the Artists bring out their collaborators during performances. Firstly, Timmy Blanco came up and brought out his homie Twennyeights Hi-tech. Their chemistry and awesome flow was enough to light up the stage. Shukid was next up and he brought out his homie Ace the Don for the track ”Night Life’‘. C2K brought out Kagwe Mungai for their track ‘Kidero Grass’. Also, Steph Kapela brought out Timmy Blanco for ‘The Man’

Timmy Blanco

Timmy Blanco and Twennyeights Hi Tech



Ace the Don


Kagwe Mungai

Steph Kapela

Wakadinali came up with the bars and later Oksyde came up and both acts turned the Alchemist dancefloor into and amazing mosh pit.



Finally Papa Jones was up. He came on stage with his entire team and entourage, each holding up bottles of Luc Belaire and jamming on stage. He acknowledged how his life has come full circle from growing up in Kayole,  to being able to hold his own concert. After teasing the probability of bringing out Kantai on his Instagram page earlier. He brought out Chris Kantai to the utter joy of the fans.


He finished up with the crowd favourite ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ tenderly bringing Cashy on stage to close off the show.

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