In Pictures: First Edition Of 2017 Industry Nite

The initial opening of 2017 industry Nite went down on Thursday night at the usual spot Galileo lounge in Westlands. As the name suggest, entertainment players gather around performing and sharing notes on how to improve the craft as well as give the fans an up close and personal contact with music.

Yesterday’s theme was funky fresh suggesting the players would kick off the year with a bang and keep it fresh all year long. And the parties on the bill did put their foot forward on this. Besides presenting bangers and radio hits, the artist used the platform to present their new projects, collabos and showcase a glimpse of the year.


First up was Anto Neosoul. Well known for his melodies, rhythm and harmonies, he opened the show with his hit song Paragasha. Always soulful with his vocals, he held a solid 30-minute live band performance. Up next was Evie Vara, a recording artist from Nakuru. She won the female artist of the year secular category at the Flamingo awards last year. Singing her jam ‘More’ and ‘you and me’, she surely captured the crowd with her mellow hooks coupled with rap. She seems to have a bright future if she pursues the career and Nairobi surely has a pace for her sound.

Ugandan recording artist 1Rail hit the stage as well to give his all. Performing hits like ‘In another world’- his breakout song in Uganda and ‘Limelight’, it was a good introduction to the Kenyan fans for the very first time.


New act I had never seen on stage was Mumala Maloba. A very strong vocalist with quite an experience on live performance, she sang her soul out. It’s such a shame that such acts get little or no attention in the 254 media space. She had two beyond amazing songs, ‘where did the love go’, and ‘paper chasing’.


Another act I did not know is Phyllis Mwaniki better known as PHY. She is the winner of Maisha Superstars season 1. She has some complete body of works under her belt and her latest one is called Biography- a compilation of phenomenal renditions of popular songs like Mwewe, Leta wimbo. Let’s just say PHY on the microphone is breathtaking.


Stella Mwangi AKA STL hit the stage and you know all her songs are bangers. She went through her catalog with ease as the crowd sang along to every song. She closed out with something from her latest Self-titled EP.


Closing out the night was Hart The Band with their intriguing renditions of popular hits sprinkled with a reggae feel. Hits like Uliza Kiatu, Masheesha definitely had the crowd rocking.


From the look of things, Live performances in Kenya will be more sleek and edgy in the coming months if platforms like Industry Nite get full support.


All Photos courtesy of Industry Nite.

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