EXCLUSIVE: BTS Pics From Alicios “Anita” Video Shoot.

Alicios, known for her hit song Mpita Njia featuring Uganda’s songstress Juliana Kanyomozi, has been doing the “Anita Challenge” across her social media platforms. This challenge is simply a call to anyone who has heard Alicios latest record Anita, to sing and/or dance to it then Alicios herself hosts the videos.

“Anita” is a story about a woman wanting to discontinue the relationship between herself and her friend because all she does is break people’s homes and she doesn’t want people to assume that she’s the same way.

Alicios got the inspiration for the track from her aunt’s neighbour in Paris who asked her to sing about a girl who had the “I can have your man in a second if I wanted to” attitude just because she was younger and very beautiful. Word is, everyone knew her and many women had divorced their husbands because of this girl they called the “Nicki Minaj of Paris”.
This was all forgotten until Alicios subconsciously wrote the story while in studio, she sang it for RKay, her producer, he loved it and Anita was created!
Alicios recently traveled to Tanzania to shoot the video. During her stay in there, she worked on the remix of a track for a female artist called Maua Sama that is to be released next week and, she says, more than 2 features that Alicios and her team are yet to reveal.

She will be going back to Tanzania very soon for a live concert which has already been confirmed and the dates will be announced soon.

We had a quick one on one to find out why she chose the land of Bongo as the perfect location for “Anita” video shoot.

Why shoot the video in TZ:
Because I was looking for a certain environment and “Uswahilini” seemed like a perfect location so I went ahead and did the video at a place called Gongo la Mboto.
About the Script:
 This experience was very different from what I’m used to because I wrote the script,  working hand in hand with the directors during the shoot.


The Shoot:

It went very well. I was impressed by the way the 2 very young directors, Joowzey & Lucas were organized. I got an amazing make up artist, Miss Louis, behind the scenes, photographer Light Palmer and a stylist called Cici.



The difference between this video shoot and what I’ve done before was that it had a huge crowd.  It was so much fun despite the heat from the sun.


After the video-shoot I did a short media tour on both TV & radio and a performance on TBC1 live.

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