“Phy Alienda Wapi” Answers Why She Took A Hiatus

After a four-year hiatus, the exceptionally talented Kenyan singer/songwriter, Phy, has finally graced the music scene once again. In her newly released song, “Phy Alienda Wapi” (PAW), she unveils the reasons behind her prolonged absence, taking her fans on an emotional journey of self-discovery and growth.

Phyllis Mwihaki Ng’etich, affectionately known as Phy, first captivated the nation’s attention when she emerged victorious in the televised singing competition, Maisha Superstar, back in 2015. Soon after, she unleashed her debut album, “Phylosophy,” which featured chart-topping hits like “Taboo” and “Ruka.” Phy swiftly established herself as one of Kenya’s most exceptional artists, praised for her clever songwriting and mesmerizing vocal abilities. Her album effortlessly redefined Kenyan Afropop, effortlessly shifting from soulful ballads to club-friendly hype tunes, captivating listeners with her versatility. Aside from her musical endeavors, Phy has also embarked on a remarkable social media movement, providing a platform that supports expectant women and new mothers. Her commitment to empowering women extends beyond the stage, showcasing her admirable qualities as both an artist and a compassionate individual.

In the midst of anticipation, Phy took to social media to reintroduce herself to her loyal fans. She poetically compared her absence to a fruit tree in need of pruning, leaving her followers intrigued and eagerly awaiting her comeback. In her own words, “So, allow me to reintroduce myself: Hi, I am Phy, and I am back!” Her YouTube video link quickly spread, igniting a wave of excitement throughout her fanbase. While an official single release is slated for June 16th, details remain tantalizingly scarce. Fans have showered Phy with congratulations and well-wishes, ecstatically celebrating her triumphant return. Within three days, her four-minute video has already surpassed 1,000 views on YouTube, a testament to her enduring popularity.

“Phy Alienda Wapi” encapsulates the essence of her absence, delving into the profound reasons behind her musical hiatus. The song elegantly intertwines themes of personal growth, maternal fulfillment, and the trials faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Phy candidly admits that she temporarily stepped away from music to pursue her studies, culminating in the line, “I did my degree-eee in 2019.” Her dedication to education exemplifies her commitment to personal development.

Furthermore, Phy fearlessly embraces her maternal instincts and responsibilities, passionately crooning, “I became a mommy, had to carry the thing that was inside me.” Her powerful voice resonates with every lyric, painting a vivid picture of her transformative journey into motherhood. The pandemic imposed challenging circumstances upon her, forcing her to redirect her resources and temporarily halt her music production. Nevertheless, she persisted, subtly hinting that she continued working behind the scenes, collaborating with unmentioned acts, and steadfastly nourishing her musical aspirations.

In the closing bridge of the song, Phy showers gratitude upon the pillars of support in her life. She lovingly acknowledges her family, particularly her mother, children, and partner, for weathering her storms and providing unwavering strength. A heartfelt appreciation extends to her househelp for their invaluable assistance in caring for her children. Phy also pays homage to her friends and her church, recognizing them as additional sources of unwavering support. Most importantly, Phy dedicates a heartfelt acknowledgment to her ardent fans. Their persistent inquiries across social media platforms served as a powerful catalyst, inspiring not only this compelling song but also fueling her determination