Artist Spotlight: Photographer Mutua Matheka’s Fresh Angle On Kenya

Photography in Kenya is synonymous with weddings like the flamboyant Ben Kiruthi, Allan Gichigi and Victor Piece, lifestyle and beauty specialist Kevin Buo, award-winning photographer Emmanuel Jambo and nature enthusiast Daniel Irungu Mwangi. Then there is one who dared to be different and venture into cityscape photography, a fairly new concept for this side of the world. Mutua Matheka is a Kenyan photographer who has made a niche for himself in the landscape and architectural photography. He was among the first people to capture Nairobi’s skyline on a professional level. His affinity for sunrise and dusk shots is prevalent in his works

Mutua was inspired to take up photography by a friend who showed him a site that sparked his interest in the craft. His initial interest was to demystify African life to the global arena but soon realized that other peoples opinions were irrelevant if you did not empower people to portray the best of themselves.

In his most recent works, he explains how people are affected by what they see. Kenya’s international image is tainted with perceptions of poverty, war, disease, famine and other negative vices. He, however, admits that despite them being true, there is some positive, uplifting and encouraging content that is also being put out. His new challenge is to change the narrative of Kenyans and Africans to an optimistic one.

He has partnered with Safaricom and Huawei to give the world of his perspective of Kenya. Transversing the country for thousands of kilometers has allowed him to showcase a new view of Kenya from on top of communication masts. These are new and exclusive images that aim to illustrate further the diversity of people as well as what they do. He has taken shots from the Ngong hills, Hell’s Gate, Nairobi, a port, a farm and a National Park during this project.

“All these are connected to the value you place, on the place that you live in.” These are his sentiments when he took up this project, that people would appreciate we have a beautiful land that is worth protecting for future generations.