Philit Productions Dramedy “Untying Kantai” To Hit Screens This May

The new Dramedy series “Untying Kantai” is set to hit screens on 9th May 2024. This 13-part Showmax Original promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar cast. “Untying Kantai” follows the journey of King Kantai. A man who has dedicated 30 years of his life to hard work and providing for his family, only to be swindled out of his life savings.

Amidst his mid-life crisis, fate presents Kantai with a risky but lucrative opportunity involving a truckload of antipsychotic drugs worth millions. Faced with a monumental decision, Kantai must choose between turning the drugs over to authorities or selling them to secure his family’s future, plunging himself into a world of danger and deceit.

Written by Abel Mutua and directed by Philip Karanja of Philit Productions, known for their award-winning works such as “Sue na Jonnie” and “A Grand Little Lie,” “Untying Kantai” promises to deliver bold and raw storytelling. Denise Kibisu serves as the producer, ensuring the series maintains the high standard of quality associated with Showmax Originals.

Speaking on this show, Director Karanja expressed his excitement and nervousness about his first Showmax Original. He further acknowledged the platform’s reputation for quality content. Director Karanja describes “Untying Kantai” as a show that delves into uncomfortable truths surrounding themes such as drugs, church, and family, which he believes Kenyan audiences will relate to deeply.

The series boasts a talented cast, with Benson Ojuwa taking on the role of King Kantai, a character described as the hardest worker in the room but plagued by misfortune. Joining him is Silayio as Angela Kantai, Sanchez Ombasa as Emory “MRI” Sagini, Francis Ouma as Succoth “Acekay” Kantai, Blessing Lung’aho as Rob, Keith Chuaga as Wakili, Pascal Tokodi as Arnold. The series also stars Andrew Muthure, Mercy Mutisya, Dennis Mugo, Mary Mwikali, and many other talented actors.

“Untying Kantai” is part of Showmax’s ambitious four-title Kenyan launch slate for May, which includes highly anticipated shows such as “The Real Housewives of Nairobi S2,” new comedy-drama series “Big Girl Small World,” and docuseries “Nilichoma.” With its compelling storyline and talented ensemble cast, “Untying Kantai” promises to be a must-watch addition to Kenya’s vibrant entertainment landscape.

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