PERSPECTIVE: The Power of Positive Attitude

I recently had a discussion with this lady who really made me question a lot about my perspective. Chic is young, beautiful and looking at her, she looks like she has life going really good for herself . My newfound friend is called Rebecca, a mother of four children. I met Rebecca during a training where she was a facilitator, we struck a conversation and she shared little bits of her life.

Three years ago she was married and had just welcomed her last-born child when her marriage fell apart. She had been married for ten years when she decided she had enough of the physically abusive marriage and she packed her clothes and those of her children and they left. On them was nothing else other than their clothes, seventy bob and the hope that God would provide. She compares her journey to that of Abraham in the bible, where he left everything trusting that God would provide as promised.

Her journey hasn’t been smooth, they have been homeless, slept hungry, endured the insults of society who labeled them a bother but she still stands. She has kept going despite the many attempts to be put down. Having been a stay-at-home mum, she has had to dust off her skills sets, learn new ones and apply her ingenuity to provide for her family.

I was blown away by her resilience and the fighting spirit within her. She hasn’t allowed the blows of life to put her down she firmly believes that you cant give up because you don’t know if the moment you do is when God comes through. She also believes that even the perceived bad things that have happened to her have helped shape and refine who she is and her character

Honestly having heard her story in detail I felt like a spoilt child. The number of times I have complained and wanted to throw in the towel at the site of trouble, minuscule trouble for that. It’s not until you talk to other people that your perspective of what trouble is shifts.

I challenge you today, shift your perspective, see the good that could come out of the seemingly insurmountable challenge that is overwhelming you right now. Also please extend grace to those around you, you never know what they are going through.

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