#PassionEnt Inspires Female Entrepreneurs In Their Latest Edition

PassionEnt event by NCBA Loop is a great learning and networking opportunity for those looking to turn their passion into enterprise or grow their side hustle.

This month’s edition which was their third went down at the Sarit Centre earlier this month, attracting a wide range of young entrepreneurs. The theme being “Women in Business” it brought together female entrepreneurs making tremendous strides for an informative panel discussion.

On the panel was Nancie Mwai. Founder and Creative Director of New Level, June Gachui, an Intellectual Property Lawyer, Entertainer, and Founder of JGIP consultants, and Beata Otieno Founder of Ojwa Styling and Ojwa PR, as well as Waceke Nduati, Founder of Centonomy.

The panelists who we admire for turning their passions into businesses talked about their experiences:

It was such an honor to be in a forum with these beautiful and empowering ladies courtesy of @ncbaloop. Women are out here being bosses and running successful businesses. Thank you for recognizing that and providing a platform. ⁣” Beata Otieno, OJWA

You know that feeling like you’re meant for something! Deep down you know you were destined to be that one thing. Mine is being an entrepreneur. I’m currently not at the level I want to be nor do I have all the knowledge I so seek, but I’m working on getting there! ⁣


LL is a writer based in Nairobi who previously loved attending and writing about the pop culture scene, Nairobae events, and cool Kenyans doing cool things. Especially Kenyan women. Currently, she's relearning and exploring beauty and fashion stories in the country.