Park Inn’s Live Inn Restaurant’s Impressive New Menu

Ordering at restaurants often feels like a huge gamble. So many choices but your favourite go-to dishes always seem to be calling out your name.

Park Inn by Radisson recently hosted different food bloggers and lovers for a tasting of their new revamped delicacy menu at Live Inn. The cozy affair was classically endowed with an eighties theme beckoning all the good vibes. Pre-dinner cocktails, a hearty meal followed by some dancing and more cocktails at the Attic bar was a splendid way to spend a Friday night. 

The vast menu that is in favour of the live-inn tag includes dishes that cut across light bites and soups, yummy veggies, salads, meats, pasta, different sides to choose from and sweets that happily offer fruits or ice-creams as preferred. Whether you are a lover of a Chianti or perhaps a staunch lover of Merlot the menu has you in mind.

Sat like one big happy family at Christmas we got to sample more than what we ordered by digging into the next plates as we compared notes with each other. 

Here’s a rundown of what we made of some of the dishes we tried, including what we would recommend. 

The Starters

The starters were inviting and moderately portioned. The items include crispy tempura prawns, mushrooms on brioche, butternut and pea risotto, smoked salmon salad, bbq wings and more.

BBQ Chicken Wings

The ideal starter to beckon an appetite. The wings were well done with an outside crunch that paved the way to a tender well-cooked inside of the wing, with the rich sauces offering something special to the tasting buds. Giving it a bursting joy of flavour in the mouth from slight tart to a need for extra wings to keep you going. Probably the best way to start off a meal.

Tempura Prawns

To the seafood lovers, this is for you!

Whether your craze is with the wild carabineros or the Argentinian prawns, Park Inn ensured that once you had their well put prawns you would outright never be picky. The prawns were well grilled and had an ocean-like taste to the mouth with its inner fleshy parts reminding you of soft chicken and the tougher outer textures having the right amount of salty. Prawn, definitely a crustacean worth a starter try in the Park Inn.

The salmon and beetroot salad was a hit as well and so was the mushroom on brioche.

Vegetarian Options

The menu also has a special section for vegetarian dishes; comprising of a Maatar Paneer, Mexican Egg Wrap and a Mushroom and Walnut burger. 


Meat lovers would love the Mains section of the Live Inn menu. T-Bone Steak with grilled tomatoes and a side of chips, Rib Eye steak with a peppercorn sauce or a grilled fillet with pepper sauce are the beef cuts available. The portions were huge and are decently priced at approximately 2000 bob. 

The menu also has a roasted pork rack, roast chicken, slow-braised lamb shank, pork loin chop, chicken breast and a beef burger.

Pan Seared Salmon

The golden crispy presence had an inviting look. The taste savours every flavor and quickly offers a huggy feeling in the mouth which is oh so present. The coriander garnish and layered mash potatoes completed not only the look but added a tender delicious taste in the mouth.


The lamb was well cooked giving it an easy to bite feel well combined with a juicy presence and a soft texture, highly complimenting to the sauces covering the edges to the chop and was closely escorted with a coriander garnish and perfectly set diced carrots, color to the eyes, flavor to the tongue and happy to the tummy.

Highly recommended!

Frankly, I’m still salivating over this.

Chicken Lasagna

The creamy stuffing was rich to the eye. The chicken sauces were well mixed together; the flavor was very present. The lasagna was not soggy nor crusty dry, making it an easy lift off of the plate. If you are a lover of cheese this was well assembled thus kicking in a healthy feel with a chase of French fries on the side. Quite a flavor banger especially if you added any extra sauces.

Desserts and Drinks.

A fruity salad is definitely one to go. The beetroot salad that was heavenly endowed with health had an assortment of different fruits. The avocados in particular, colored the plate green a feast of beholding matching with the lean beetroot presence, it was health time. Robust fruity feels, every vegan or not would love this.


Whether it was the crispy and aroma flavor of Chianti or it was the cold inviting mango juice or perhaps the Beefeater gin cocktail the drinks were a loyal landing to a variety of taste. A classy way to end a night sipping goodness of flavor from the welcoming staff of the Park Inn.

The new menu is indeed 2019 must-try, the clock is ticking you don’t want to be left out. In any case, the early bird catches the worm!