Pierra Makena Warns Against Imposters Using Her Event Name To Con Kenyans

Celebrated Kenyan DJ Pierra Makena has issued an alert against imposters who are possibly swindling money from Kenyans using her ‘Park And Chill” event name.

Sharing one of the fake posters making rounds on social media, the DJ distanced herself from it assuring that her legal team is set to take action on the matter.

As indicated in the misleading poster, the ‘Park And Chill’ event was set to be hosted in Eldoret which she termed as not genuine.

“Please note, there are a couple of fake Park and Chill events emanating in the events space and they are circulating their posters on social media.

“Others shamelessly use our name in their promos, like the one which posted recently, stating that Park and Chill is soon coming to Eldoret. Please note that this is not the authentic Park and Chill event.” she stated

Makena also expressed her disappointment on how the imposters are riding on to her success considering that the event which she curated has attracted a massive fanbase.

“How would you feel investing your time, energy and resources in something and once it picks up someone imitates it or tries to tweak it just to fit their narrative?” she questioned

Other than using her event name, Pierra also exposed the imposters for copying her concept and ideas; advising her fans to disengage in the same.

Her statement comes days after she wrote a letter to President Kenyatta who had announced the ban of public gatherings; a move that led to the cancellation of her event.


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