Pan Asian Yao: Turning Dining Back Into An Experience

18 July of 2017 by

I’m guilty of almost everything that’s wrong with the manner in which we approach ‘dining out’ in today’s world: the phone on the table, the 15 minute meal because there’s something else we need to move on to, the distractions.

Food should be something to savour and for that reason, Pan Asian Yao was a perfect reminder of that.

Tucked away in the heart of Gigiri, the new restaurant is focused on delivering a variety of Asia’s best loved regional offerings – from Malaysia to India, to Indonesia through to China.

Asian cuisine is full of bold, distinct flavours and this means that each meal becomes both a talking point as well as a taster’s delight.

My table kicked off with the Bento Boxes – lunch time trays focused on a serving for one individual –delicious and absolute value for money.

The Bento Boxes comes with either rice or a noodle dish along with some form of curry, a soup and some kind of crisp salad or vegetable.

My choice was the Malaysian Bento Box which had such depth of flavor. I had the vegetarian option, and for someone who loves her chicken and beef, I didn’t miss it at all.

They are only served during the day, so it would have to be an afternoon plan or a takeaway. Recommended highly.

Beyond a great business lunch, Pan Asian Yao is perfect for long, slow evenings. If you appreciate the value of a koroga, you’ll almost certainly enjoy their take on one – the induction cookers or ‘hot pots’ that allow you to watch your meal take shape before your eyes.

You choose a bowl of broth – and a variety is offered, from super spicy Szechuan to Tom Yum. You put a few sauces in your bowl (there are many different flavourful options to choose from) You then pick a couple of proteins, a few vegetables, and some noodles. The hot pots turn on, and you simply dip, wait a few minutes and dinner is ready.  Stash everything in your bowl, mix it in with the sauce and you have the tastiest explosion of flavours in your mouth. There is a focus on the freshness of the ingredients and a menu that can be shared, but more than that it’s an experience that requires you to be present. Sure, you’ll take a few pictures of your food (don’t we all do that) but you’ll be too busy eating up the goodness, to tweet and text away while dinner is happening.

Fancy something different from the regular dining experience?

Try Pan Asian Yao. It’s worth it.


Bento Boxes – from 800Ksh

Hot Pot Menu (approx 1500Ksh pp)


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