Pan African Film Podcast Episode 1 – Interview with director Ekwa Msangi

Welcome to our new podcast – The Panafrican Film Podcast, a platform for constructive discussions about stories relating to all African cultures, across the continent and in the Diaspora.

There is a lot of focus on telling “our” stories and many of us have been raised without images that we can relate to. We now have thousands of stories, many of them stuck on a shelf and if you missed that festival or screening or never heard about that film… Well, now it has a voice!

Join Anna Marano, Development Executive based in New York and Nazizi Hirji, Hip Hop Artist & Radio Presenter based in Nairobi as they discuss a different Panafrican film in each episode.

The series features a succession of Guest Filmmakers engaging with listeners, for a joyful celebration and journalistic documentation of the path we are paving within the film industry across various formats from features, shorts, documentaries to animations and web series.

In this first episode, we speak with Ekwa Msangi, writer and director of the award-winning and critically acclaimed feature film, Farewell Amor. The film centers around topics of religion, immigration, family, and how long-distance relationships can have a toll on families.

Have a listen and get to understand the mind of Ekwa in creating this masterpiece.


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