P-unit Question Police After Arresting Kids During Video Shoot

Music trio P-unit and singer Yvonne Darcq have accused the police of harassment after they arrested several kids who had volunteered to dance in their upcoming video.

According to P-unit’s member Gabu, police raided their video shoot scene and arrested the underage kids several weeks ago without clearly explaining why.

Gabu claims the kids, who are still in school, had asked for permission from their parents before attending the shoot.

“We had these young dancers who had been given permission by the parents and were on school leave,” Gabu said in a video posted on social media.

“These were young boys with dreams and we gave them a platform for them to be seen by the world. Little did we know how the day would end. In the middle of the shoot, these kids were arrested and were detained for over 12hours. Total injustice anyway after getting the parents and clearing the air they were released.”

Artists in the recent past have complained of harassment and Gabu believes this was a clear example. Some artists and entertainers also supported him saying that it’s true they are normally harassed when shooting.

“Bt this is the kind of harassment artists go through every day,” he said.

“As we try to make an honest living and create opportunities for the next generation police still arrest us. kids can be actors, dancers, artists or anything they want don’t kill there dreams with such stunts.”


On the contrary, many in the comment section insisted the police did the right thing. In fact, some said the only mistake the police made is not arresting and locking up the three artists too.

“I don’t support you on this,” said one follower.

“Why kids and we have plenty form four leavers out there to engage. Allow these things to be done with mature people especially when doing secular music. I can guess the dancing style that was targeted.”

“The question is, are the kids supposed to arrested or the adults? If it’s a case of making minors work, I think it’s the adults who should have been arrested,” another follower quipped.

“Well I still think the officers or whoever they were ,were in order,we need to be sensitive with some of the things we are exposing to these minors,maybe they had their parents permissions but we know some of us parents are very irresponsible,we will do anything for a little payment and fame,even if it means putting our young one’s lives at risk,,sawa let’s do music but to avoid all these commotions with the authorities,give that platform to adults who can make their own decisions,I mean there so many of them…stay blessed.” said another.

“I stand with u that the kids should be released. Alafu, nyinyi mkue arrested. They are minors who dance in explicit videos. I guess mliwaita kuja kutwerk na kuvaa booty shorts. “

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