Over 20,000 Kenyans Sign Petition For Justice To Be Served in Dj Evolve’s Case

Kenyans have launched and are now signing a petition to call for justice in Felix Orinda’s (popularly known as Dj Evolve) case; who was shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino early in January.

The petition clearly outlines demands in regard to the case stating that the justice system in Kenya should serve people without any bias.

This move comes after an exclusive interview with the Dj was aired on NTV where he narrated his recovery journey since the shooting incident that left him paralyzed from his torso downwards.

In the interview, Dj Evolve clarified on claims that he had forgiven the Member of Parliament revealing that he had left the matter in God’s hands and hopes that justice will be served.

“I left that to God and I am waiting for the justice system to see what will go through. Aside from that, I have nothing else to say about it,” he said.

Kenyans alongside top celebrities were moved by this interview expressing dissatisfaction over the handling of the case and statements by Babu Owino which implies that life has moved on for him.

Other demands made in the petition which has now been signed by over 20,000 Kenyans include;

Babu Owino should be charged with attempted manslaughter to the full extent of the law.

Babu Owino should incur ANY AND ALL costs until Dj Evolve / Felix O. Is FULLY RECOVERED.

A full public inquiry / investigation to Babu Owino as a public servant in Kenya. 

Babu Owino should NOT be allowed any public service seat in Kenya. 

Although the city DJ was discharged from hospital after close to 6 months of being admitted he revealed that the bullet injury made him fully dependent on caregivers.

Some vocal public figures who publicly called for justice include Kambua, Rono, Nadia Mukami, Oliver Mathenge, and others.






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