Outraged Amina Abdi Speaks Out Against Police Brutality

A video that went viral on social media yesterday showing MCA Patricia Mutheu has sparked online outrage from Kenyans.

The video posted on social media shows police brutality at its peak. Whereas it is a popular belief that the country leaders are untouchable from the law, the video proves otherwise.

In the video, four police officers are seen attacking MCA Patricia Mutheu unapologetically regardless of her status in society and whether she did anything wrong.

The lady is seen pleading for them to stop but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Mutheu sustained injuries from the beating and even bled from some cuts she sustained.

This comes after police brutality was highlighted on social media just a month ago.

Kenyans from all parts of the country have come out strongly to rebuke the brutality MCA Mutheu underwent.

One of them is The Trend host Amina Abdi.

“I’m tired! Tired, angry and confused. Juu enyewe what is this?! A clearly harmless situation driven to violence by the individuals who “protect and serve”,” she started.

“Patricia Mutheu, an MCA, was at her place of work as it is her right, harmless and unarmed. Was all this necessary? We can’t even go to work in peace?” questioned Amina.

She went on to reveal why the matter is close to her heart.

“As someone who grew up in Kawangware & Eastleigh, this isn’t just stats for me. It’s a reality. Mathare, Kayole & Mukuru Kwa Njenga are not just places I see on google maps. I can never forget where I came from. I won’t sit around and see the people that are supposed to protect us be the ones instilling fear in us,” Amina revealed.

Amina’s cries have been echoed by many Kenyans who are pleading with the government to help end police brutality in Kenya. It is the top trending topic on twitter today.



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