For Lovers of Outdoor Activities and Fast Cars…Here’s A Plan!

If you love cars and speed, then I have the most perfect plan for you this weekend (Saturday July 2nd). Discover Kenya Race is back and Green Lantern Entertainment has teamed up with KWS to ensure you have an unforgettable experience at Hell’s Gate National Park, in  Naivasha.

Registration of the participating teams will end on 30th June. Each team will comprise of a maximum of five people in one car. The teams can come up with a team name which will be used to refer to them during the competition.

To make it a little mysterious, the competition will begin in Nairobi, at a venue to be disclosed a few days before the event.

The aim of the competition will be to complete all challenges within the shortest time possible. NO POINTS will be awarded for SPEED therefore all participants are advised to stick to the speed limits applicable on the roads to be used.

What’s more, you can do more than just be a spectator. You also get a chance to participate in these activities: hiking, cycling, rock climbing, game viewing and camping. At a fee, of course.

So if you’re an outdoors type of person and you love to race, this might very well be the plan for you so save the date!

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