Otile Brown: Kenyan Artists Among Most Successful In Africa

Singer Otile Brown has urged the local fan base to be supportive rather than focus on the negative side of Kenyan artists.

The singer took to social media to share that Kenyan artists understand the entertainment business just as any other artists and fans shouldn’t feel otherwise.

The artist shared that Kenyan artists’ success is normally downplayed despite their impressive wins and manoeuvres.

“Let me surprise you because you all think that you all know. The funny thing is that Kenyan artists are one of the most successful artists in Africa,” he said.

“It might sound funny, but I am giving you the blueprint. When I came to the game, I thought people understood the game. People in this industry don’t understand the business, but they are talking as if they know a lot.”

Otile used his brand as an example saying when he came into the music business, there was a certain way things operated but he managed to change a lot of that. A reason why he has been successful even when many predicted he won’t.

He urged fans and other naysayers to focus on improvements instead.

“You think you know too much as if you are the one who gave us our success. Anytime you are opening your mouth, you are embarrassing yourself,” he said.

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