Otile Brown Explains Why He Parted Ways With His Manager

In a recent interview with Willy M Tuva on Mseto East Africa, Jacob Obunga, better known as Otile Brown, shed light on his decision to part ways with his former manager, Joseph Noriega.

The conversation, held on February 27th, provided insights into Otile’s managerial choices and the dynamics behind his professional relationships and why he settled for Mumbi Maina. 

When questioned about his preference for a female manager, Otile emphasized the importance of traits such as wisdom, patience, and understanding in his selection process.

“I consider traits like wisdom, patience, and whether the person is ‘woke’ before entrusting them as my manager,” Otile shared during the interview. 

He highlighted his longstanding acquaintance with Mumbi Maina and expressed confidence in their ability to foster a harmonious working relationship based on mutual understanding.

Reflecting on his partnership with Noriega, Otile conveyed deep respect and admiration for his former manager. He acknowledged Noriega’s loyalty and clarified that their parting was not fueled by financial disputes but rather by diverging career paths.

“Noriega is my guy, but it got to a point where he wanted to be his own boss,” Otile explained. “He had his own artists and his hustling, and I wish him nothing but prosperity.”

The decision to end their professional collaboration stemmed from a series of thoughtful conversations aimed at mitigating potential conflicts. 

Otile emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence in navigating such transitions, acknowledging Noriega’s contributions to their collective success while acknowledging the need for growth and change.

While Otile recognized Noriega’s intelligence and the positive impact he had on their team’s success, he highlighted the necessity of prioritizing individual and collective aspirations. 

Despite the amicable nature of their separation, Otile admitted feeling let down by the turn of events but remained steadfast in his pursuit of artistic excellence.