‘Optics Should’ve Come First’- Juliani Clarifies On Diamond Platnumz Post

Singer Juliani has clarified his viral post sent on Saturday during the Azimio Rally at Kasarani Studium that saw Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz perform.

Juliani called the performance distasteful something that irked a section of Kenyans.

“Diamond in Kasarani was distateful. Any Kenyan talent would’ve sufficed,” Juliani wrote.

Juliani, however, has now clarified his post saying that it wasn’t an attack on Diamond or any other artist but rather a view of the Kenyan creative media which was sidelined.

“I am a Pan African. Everything African should thrive beyond its border. My issue was – Optics & Timing, especially in an election, a close one like this,” he posted.

“Every Vote counts. We have a whole constituency of creatives who are going to vote. It would’ve been the best time to have them on your side. That’s all.”

The singer, who has been at the forefront of fighting for Kenyan creatives, further added that this should have been the perfect time for Azimio to show that they’ll stand with them.

“Kenyan creatives often have to fight to be seen, heard and appreciated. Being one of the fastest growing industries with massive numbers of employment across the value chain. Optics matter. The youth shouldn’t feel like an after through after Ethnicity, religion, provide sector etc,” he said.

We get them involved intentionally. I know AZIMIO IS KEEN on this. So it had nothing to do with them or me for that matter. My comment was an observation as an active participant in the sector, a leader and a voter.”

Diamond’s performance has been a subject of ridicule as many Kenyans argued that local top artists should have been contracted. On the contrary, it has emerged that several artists turned down the deal to share stage with Raila Odinga.

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