Opportunity for Filmmakers to Upskill During Quarantine

Multichoice Talent Factory in collaboration with Dolby Institute is offering online, practical, industry expert-led skills workshops for creatives in the film industry dubbed The Dolby Webinars. This program is designed to develop educational programs that will aid creatives in advancing their art of storytelling in whatever forms of films they are creating.

The webinars which can be accessed on the Multichoice Talent Factory website, focus on various topics within the art of film making such as Script Analysis, Location Recording, Sound for Editors, Mixing for Creatives and Content Creation among others. Students are taught on the various topics via audio classes from the various facilitators.

Multichoice Talent Factory hopes to improve the quality and sound of African storytelling through film without losing authenticity through this partnership. The webinars have been running since the 16th of this month on scheduled days and will continue to run till 4th June 2020. Some of the speakers who have lectured during this webinars include: Dolby Labs Sr. Content Manager Vikram Joglekar and Sr. Manager Operator Partnerships Quintin Schmidt.

Each recorded webinar series will be made available on the site the day after, to allow those who missed the lecture to catch up. Are you a filmmaker who wants to upskill, or interested in film making? Then book your front seat here for the next webinar and make good use of the free time that quarantine has to offer.

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