Open Call: The Redesign Everything Challenge

What Design Can Do (WDCD) and the IKEA Foundation have joined forces to launch the “Redesign Everything Challenge.” This is a global design competition that aims to address the climate crisis and foster a transition to a fair and circular future.

In this challenge innovators worldwide are encouraged to submit ideas that rethink products, materials, stories, systems, services, and spaces through a circular and regenerative lens. The “Redesign Everything Challenge” seeks to harness the creative potential of designers to tackle interconnected environmental and social issues and drive impactful change.

WDCD has a history of organizing global challenges focused on various social and environmental issues, recognizing the interconnected nature of these problems. By leveraging the transformative power of design, they aim to facilitate collaborative efforts to tackle complex challenges, such as pollution, clean energy, refugee well-being, and more.

Application Process

Central to the “Redesign Everything Challenge” is the recognition that designers can affect profound shifts in how economies function. By embracing circular principles in production and consumption, designers can contribute to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability. Moreover, design plays a crucial role in fostering radical imagination, envisioning futures that challenge the status quo and inspire transformative action.

The challenge encourages submissions that transcend traditional sector boundaries, addressing issues such as waste management, biodiversity loss, and industry transformation. Whether through innovative enterprises or conceptual proposals, participants are invited to explore diverse strategies for change. By collaborating with partners from around the globe, the challenge offers access to resources and research tailored to the unique climate challenges facing different communities.

Winners will get € 5,000 in project funding. They will also have access to the WDCD accelerator programme that kicks off with a week-long boot camp in Amsterdam. Furthermore, they will gain valuable press and publicity and a chance to present their projects during a WDCD Live event. Lastly, they will also become part of a global burgeoning community of WDCD Challenge victors, encompassing over 60 impactful startups. Applications are open on the WDCD website till March 13th, 2024.

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