Only Capital FM Authorised To Use Rally Logo- WRC Warns As Naivasha Rally Mood Kicks In

World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally Kenya has warned event organisers to refrain from using their logo in promoting events, clarifying that they are only in partnership with Capital FM.

WRC in a statement said that they are only working with Capital FM’s Koroga Festival in the four-day event set to be held in Naivasha.

“WRC Safari Rally Kenya and Capital Group Limited partnered to host the 2022 WRC Koroga Festival. This is the official event associated with the WRC Safari Rally Kenya. Please note that no entity is allowed to use the WRC logo and use of this amounts to infringement of Property Rights, Security personnel are authorized to take action where the rights have been infringed,” WRC Safari Rally Kenya Communication officer Sophie Kinoti said.

On May 18, Capital Group Ltd and the World Rally Championship (WRC) signed an agreement to host the inaugural WRC Safari Rally Koroga Festival.

The WRC Koroga Festival will take place from June 23 to June 26, at the Garden on Moi South Lake Road — Naivasha.

“The WRC Koroga Festival will be a four-day food, fashion, and music festival that will bring us the best talent from across the continent to showcase the best we have from here in Kenya and around the region. We will bring together the best Kenyan DJ’s, and the best artists and create an opportunity to enjoy the Safari Rally on a totally different level,” Idris stated.

Safari Rally Kenya stands alone on the World Rally Championship calendar as the only time the crews get to compete in Africa.

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