One on One With R&B Singer/Actress, Mya.

So ‪#‎ThePlot‬ is going down tomorrow night,August 13th, at Ngong Racecourse,  courtesy of PRC headlined by some of the 90s goldies, Ginuwine, Mya and 112. I had the opportunity to talk to the beautiful and talented Mya and this is how the conversation went down and yes, if you’re asking (and I know you are) she’s single.

Mya, Ruby

Mya being interviewed by Ruby

Ruby: We’ll start with, how tough do you feel it is for a woman to break into the industry and what do you feel has changed about that since you broke out?

Mya: Well, you know I try not to think about women not having disadvantages, I try to think on the bright side and you know, women are much more colorful, we have a lot more options, we have a bigger playground when it comes to fashion and hair and we have a very colorful, multi faceted life so it’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. You’re free to create. Men on the other hand, I guess they could but they usually get looked down on, questioned, if they start playing with too many colors (laughing) so it’s a little blank. As far as business is concerned, I’d say the entertainment business and slot of businesses are dominated by men so with that you have some challenges depending on the type of spirit or agenda that nay be present so that may be a disadvantage for a woman or girl so it doesn’t always look cool but I say if you work hard and you have discipline and you are perfecting your craft, people will take notice and there are positive people that want to see you and your passion will be noticed before hour talent. Your passion only improves your skills and your gifts and committing to it and people begin to take notice sooner or later.

R: Which artists who have just recently come up do you feel are doing something different for RnB and Hip Hop?

M: RnB I have to say, this woman, I have lived all of her songs. Her name is Ledisi. She’s an amazing soul, RnB, (true RnB) vocalist. She just has so much passion in her music and her lyrics and her expression, beautiful woman and is mature so I can really appreciate that. On the Hip Hop side, Kendrick Lamar.

R: Do you listen to a lot of Hip Hop?

M: Yeah! I listen to all kinds of Hip Hop cuz there’s all kinds of different genres within Hip Hop. There’s trap music which is really good for the gym for me. Then there’s classic rap/old school Hip Hop… I like what Drake is doing because he’s combining some Caribbean, a little bit of dance hall and Hip Hop and RnB. I like that but I love soco, I love Calypso, reggae… I love a lot of different kinds of music.

R: What would you say stands out about Kendrick to you?

M: His lyrics, his lyricism is really great… his awareness, his consciousness and his ability to express his anger, his pain, his frustrations but also his solution.

R: Africa is so diverse with different sounds, different cultures and languages – how do you feel about the talent from Africa and how does it compare to what you see coming out of the US and maybe what you’ve seen on tour?

M: Africa is the root of everything, of humanity so let’s start there. Africa is the mother of anything that’s happened in South America, in North America and any cultures that have tried to copy so you can’t beat that. It’s not processed here, it’s in the blood, it’s in the DNA. Rhythm is part of the culture. It was born here so this is where you get the purity from and everything else that does exist, stems from here.

R: Do you have any faves from Africa?

M: I heard, I think her name is Yemi… She’s beautiful. I recently got linked to Sauti Sol… Yeah, I saw the video. They’re colourful guys, with a message too. I really appreciate the harmonies.

(Yes, yes, she said that she would love to work on something with Sauti Sol)

R: Two more questions so we can wrap this up… How important is the idea of a mentor to young artists or artists on the come up?

M: A mentor is very, very helpful. It can be difficult, sometimes trying to figure it all out yourself because we don’t know everything as individuals but someone else who has been through it; survived it can help you possibly, have your back and keep you abreast of how to do things so it’s definitely helpful. I’ve had a couple mentors in my life to guide me properly or correct me when I need to be corrected. Having only yes men and yes people around you can be very harmful cuz they don’t tell you the truth. You need the truth even if the truth hurts…

R: Last question, what are the pressures of dating as a star?

M: (Breaking into laughter) it is so difficult.

R: You hear what The Game said on Dreams, right?

M: Oh yeah, I’ve heard quite a lot of things and desires from men… Rumours…

R: What was your reaction the first time you heard The Game say whatever he said?

M: I mean, I didn’t really care about that. It was just a desire and a fantasy. Every man has a right to fantasise so that’s fine. You can look but don’t touch but you know, dating in any industry or I would say, in life in general, is difficult. Dating to me is to find or you’re seeking for something so how do you find it? Are you together as an individual or complete? Are you feeling whole about yourself? Are you whole? It’s tricky but I know out of experience and hardships, could be the guy wasn’t secure, was not whole himself and he didn’t like the whole celebrity thing or having to stop for pictures and me being nice to fans cuz it’s what I do… If we’re trying to have dinner, that bothered someone so it generally depends on the person. I believe there’s love in all kinds and forms for everyone and someone designed specifically for you.

R: Are you seeing somebody now?

M: No! Nooooo. Not at this point in time (why not?)…

I wanna tell you why she isn’t dating but I guess I’ll keep that minor (or major, depending on how you want to take it) detail to myself 🙂

Well there you have it folks! Make sure you grab yourself a ticket to The Plot on if you want to relive the 90s and early 2000s because I guarantee, this is a show you don’t wanna miss!

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