Sailors Talk Rise To Fame, Story Behind ‘Wamlambez’, Teamwork & More!

Let’s hope by now you already know about the cross-continental ‘Wamlambez’ wave created by Kenyan newbies, Sailors crew. The group is enjoying so much attention we had to catch up with them to try to know more about them. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

KV: When was this group formed?

Miracle Baby: The group was formed in 2017, we started as Trio Sailors because it was myself, Qoqos Juma and Lexxy Yung. Later on, in December still of 2017, Shalkido and Masilver joined the group and now we had to change our name since we were more than three and we became Sailors.

KV: Obviously, the talent is notable, who does what in the group to bring the diversity?

Shalkido: I represent sheng and hence targeting the youths in the ghetto, Lexxy Yung represents the English “slang” targeting the middle-class youth, Qoqos Juma is our hype man, Masilver is lyricist, and Miracle Baby does the hooks and the choruses, he also gives us the structure for a song.

KV: How was the anthem Wamlambez put together?

Miracle Baby: I was sitting in a restaurant, a friend of mine came by and called me Wamlambez, another guy who was not even with me responded Wamnyonyez and that is how I came up with the idea of that hook.

KV: The jam dropped right when Kenyans are accepting and appreciating our music more, how does that make you feel?

Lexxy Yung: We feel proud to be part of the new wave and to represent our country as one of the top musical groups in Kenya right now.

KV: What has changed for you guys since y’all went viral?

Msilver: People have changed how they used to associate with us, we are more famous now, we are getting more gigs but also the pressure to stay on top is real. Also, we are getting more and more paying gigs, platforms and collaboration proposals.

KV: With one viral hit under your belt, the second one on the rise, what’s the process in terms of releasing new music?

Qoqos Juma: We have already written and recorded stuff, hence it is just a matter of sitting down together to decide which one to release next but also to perfect it to the best of our ability so that we don’t disappoint.

KV: What’s the glue that’s gonna guarantee longevity in the game?

Lexxy Yung: We are like brothers so we treat each other as family (unity) and also the heart and willingness to help each other.

KV: What is one notable lesson y’all have learnt the hard way being newbies on the scene?

Lexxy Yung: Do not expect support from the previous “older” artists, some even work hard to stop you, they don’t want to lose their thrones.

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