Oga Obinna Exits KISS 100 After A Year

Oga Obinna has announced his exit from Kiss 100 after a year.

The Morning Kiss co-host revealed on Tuesday in an interview and later on social media.

“I’m no longer at Kiss” Oga Obinna

In an interview, the comedian said his contract ended.

“I’m no longer at Kiss,

I have finished my contract”

The Former Kiss 100 breakfast co-host said his experience at Radio Africa Group has however been beautiful.

“I’ve achieved my dream. I’ve done everything I wanted to do, so now everything I do from now henceforth is extra.” Said Obinna, adding ….

“I’ve worked in the organization I’ve always wanted.”

Obinna reminisced about an email he sent Maina and Caroline Mutoko ‘Many Years ago’ asking for a job at “A late night show at Kiss FM”, adding “And I ended up doing breakfast.”

“I’ve achieved what I wanted to do, so now we move.”

The comedian also alluded to a disagreement over payment as the reason for his exit.

The entertainer who joined the platform after Jalang’os exit advised the next possible co-host not to ask for a million shillings salary, “Times are tough” He wrote on Instagram.

He however advised whoever gets the chance to work as a co-host on the Radio station to do their best.

“That’s one of the best platforms and employers you will in this town.” He wrote.

“Obinna Out. We move.” He added on Instagram.